Making Retro Cool Again


Even in an increasingly digital, mobile, instant or plastic world, there’ll be a very special place for the old way of doing things like handwritten letters, personalised messages, and traditional film cameras.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 sits neatly between an ultra-digital and traditional camera. In the age of smartphone photography and DSLR cameras, it evokes nostalgia and renews excitement for traditional photography. The fact that it continues to top the charts of must-haves with teenagers and young adults even after so many years just shows how enduring everything retro can be. Its popularity is more to do with fun, old-world, and vintage and less to do with brilliant photography.

What makes it so appealing is that it comes in a range of stunning colours, matching carry cases, different colour lenses (to mimic today’s digital filters), and an array of frames and clips.


Nailing the product-design-marketing mix is never easy. The Instax Mini seems to have a winning formula – take a bit of retro and package it as cool!

The effect is amazing – the Millennials are craving a Gen X experience!



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