I placed two orders on Amazon in June.

The two orders were an oversight. I had to place the second order because I forgot to change the quantity from 01 to 02 in the first order.


Two orders; same item. Placed by the same customer (me); on the same date.; within five minutes of each other; to be delivered to the same address. The same logistics partner was delivering the items


The first order gets delivered after 7 days.

The second order for the same item to be delivered to the same address, being delivered by the same partner, reaches my city after 15 days and still does not get delivered.

Reason relayed via SMS: “Could not be delivered as additional address details missing.”

After a number of follow-up calls and social media feedback, the product is traced and delivered after yet another 48 hours.


Get back to the friendly neighborhood supermarket who will not only stock all items under one roof, but will also deliver them free within an hour, while offering a 30-day, interest-free credit to all customers.


Despite all the sophisticated inventory management and software, why is it still so difficult for marketplaces and global leaders in ecommerce to centralize orders placed by a single customer and deliver to a single address on a single delivery date?


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